Slightly unconventional, somewhat contradictory; loves monochrome yet besotted by colour, highly reserved but wildly inappropriate at times… lover of tactile surfaces & seeker of experiences! Yes, that’s me!  I’m Jumi, a London based Writer, Lifestylist and Educator   … I’m also founder here at The School of Artful Living. Welcome!

Coming from both a Textiles Design, and Arts Education background, I’d describe myself as quite a creative individual; a curious blend of introvert and extrovert with a love for sunsets, cosmopolitans and small metallic objects… (in the non-threatening sense of course) 😉 I’m thinking more Buster and Punch than knuckledusters and punches…

Thus far in life, I’ve worked in Art & Design Education, Luxury Lifestyle management, as an Interior Design Consultant, as a property stylist and during my younger years as a banqueting waitress in a 5* hotel!  So … I know good living! Well, at least I think I do anyway!

I started The School of Artful Living as a means of fulfilling my life’s purpose; which, I not so long ago discovered is to use my creativity and uniqueness to teach and inspire people to be creative, colourful, authentic; to share freely and help others.

So… is there an art to good living?

Well, they say the best way to learn something new is to teach it to someone else!

I believe that when surrounded by the beautiful places, spaces, colours, textures, objects and arrangements that we love!

Now having discovered my purpose I want to help individuals from all around the world to express themselves creatively… to design their own way of living and share it with others.

So where do we start then? Well… did I mention that I like nothing more than having good chats over a glass (or bottle) of wine, alfresco… under the glistening light of the early evening sun? Golden hour I think they call it? So… let’s get into it!  Let’s get into this thing I like to call… artful living!

Be creative

Be colourful

Be authentic

Seek art in the act of everyday living…