“I help creative thinkers to craft unique interior stories  which represent who they really are”

Somewhat unconventional, slightly contradictory, loves monochrome yet besotted by colour, lover of tactile surfaces & seeker of experiences. Yes, that’s me!  I’m Jumi, a London based  Writer, Stylist and founder at The School of Artful Living.



To be able to explore our passions is one of life’s greatest gifts…  In fact… It has always been mine to explore my love for art, the interior space and all things lifestyle through the work that I do.

That’s why I started The School of Artful Living; I’m on a mission to empower individuals to live lives which are in true alignment with who they really are…

I want them to feel inspired. Inspired to pursue their passions both in life and in business… and to share their story so that others can become inspired too!  To buy well, to live well… to live artfully in fact!  In a world of struggle, uncertainty and creative pain, this is the thing that brings me the most joy. This is the thing that keeps me alive!

If you love something enough you must live and breathe it. I believe in harnessing all the juicy goodness that’s at the very core of you and making it become you! You can relinquish the shackles that have been bound by the pith of your creative might!

  The spaces we inhabit are the places that inspire us. The creation of unique interior spaces and experiences provide us with a place to share our story, share our journey and share our way of life. In this there is purpose… in there is meaning…  in this, there is an opportunity to be our most authentic selves.



Thus far… I’ve worked in Art & Design Education, Interior Design Consultancy, and as an In-House Stylist for a luxury property platform based in London.

Coming from an arts education background I’d describe myself as quite a creative individual; a curious blend of introvert and extrovert with a love for sunsets, cosmopolitans and small metallic objects… (in the non-threatening sense of course) 😉 I’m thinking more Buster and Punch than knuckledusters and punches…

My unique design perspective is inspired by my passion for creativity and my love for unique experiences… I  absolutely adore the idea of pushing traditional design limitations… exploring the boundary between art, the interior space and the world around us to create unique design experiences which change the way we experience a space.

The well-considered interior space has the potential to achieve so many things…  as creative thinkers the use of imaginative design processes can support us in the designing of spaces which truly represent who we really are. Through the effective use of composition, scale, colour, texture, lighting and form; there is an opportunity to create magic!

So… let’s get into it!  Let’s get into this thing I like to call… artful living.


Be creative

Be colourful

Be authentic

Seek art in the act of everyday living…